Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Hand-Designed, Hassle-Free, Membership Websites

This applies to our old “All in One Plans” and a new FAQ will be coming soon.

Membership Gets You a Website with:


No Hassle

(we handle it)


Original Design

(no templates!)


1-10 Pages

(fully designed)


(for mobile)

Lead Optimized

(get calls & emails)


SSL Encryption

(inspire trust)

Malware Scans

(safe & secure)



(inform customers)


(minimize waits)



Easy Updates

(email, call, text)

Expert Service

(we know WP)

Plus, Choose A Focus:

Local SEO

5-star reviews, 50 citations, & more.


Optimized for podcasting.


Large Site

For sites with 11+ pages of content.


Sell products or services.

How much does it cost?

$259/month. There’s no setup fee, no design fee, no hidden fees, no contract, and no hassle. When you become a member of Fiddler Online, we welcome you to the hassle-free zone. We love simplicity and try to include that in every aspect of our service.

How long will it take for the site to be ready?

As long as you provide your logo, written content, and (sometimes) photos, we’ll have the design finished in about 2 months from the day you become a member of Fiddler Online. However, it likely won’t be quite ready to launch at that point. At that point we’ll need your feedback and input to polish it and prepare the site for launch.

Is there really no contract?

No contract. Seriously. You can cancel your Fiddler Online membership at any time. We’ll probably be sad that we don’t get to work with you anymore. Other than that, there’s really no baggage to deal with if you decide membership is just not working for you.

If I cancel do I lose the website?

You always maintain ownership of your domain name (eg. As long as your account is current, we’ll transfer it to you any time you request. That means that if you cancel your Fiddler Online membership, you can launch a new website elsewhere with that same domain (eg. If you want to cancel your membership and take the website design with you, you can buyout the design. This buyout price diminishes over time. See the chart to the right (or beneath on mobile) for exact pricing.

Can I request changes to my website?

Of course. We recognize every business is constantly changing staff, promotions, or you want to show off your current work. Your Fiddler Online membership includes 1 hour of website content updates, each month. Need to add a staff member? Just email us their photo, name, and bio. Need a new location added? Just send over the new address and store name. Want an urgent wording change? Give us a call. We just take care of all that kind of stuff for you.

Do you do search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes! If you select that as your site’s “focus” then we’ll do some keyword research and make sure your site properly signals to search engines that it should be shown when potential local customers search for your products/services.

We will also claim or create and optimize, your Google My Business and Facebook listings, plus 1 other such as Yelp or Angie’s list. After 3 months of Fiddler Online membership, we also submit your business to 50 other listing sites (citations) to help boost your exposure.

For many of our customers with small local businesses, this is enough to rank them on the first page, if not the top 3 results. However, with SEO we can’t make any guarantees about how effective any of this will be. It will be better than if we don’t include these things, though. That much we CAN guarantee.

Do you do reputation management?

Yes! If you choose the local SEO focus, we include a great new offering that will help you to follow up with clients. Our system will encourage the ones who are happy with your product or service, to leave you a 5 star rating and postitive review on on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or others related to your industry. We’ll also work with you to train you or your staff to use our system to followup with your customers, as well as how to properly respond to negative reviews that are left.

Can you incorporate an email newsletter for me?

Yes! We can setup an email newsletter that’s built right into your website, or integrate with your existing newsletter service (eg. MailChimp, Aweber, etc). This includes easy signup forms that prompt your visitors to add their email to your list. We can connect the newsletter to your blog, so that new posts are sent out to your subscribers automatically. If we setup and manage the newsletter on your site, it’s included in your membership without extra charge, and includes up to 500 subscribers or 4 newsletters sent per month. Above that, its an additional $20/month. That’s mostly just to cover the costs of an email delivery service (important to make sure your messages make it to their inbox). If you use a 3rd party service like MailChimp or Aweber, and want to stick with those, ask us about integrating your site with them (no additional charge).

Can you setup an eStore on my site?

Yes, and yes. We can create an e-store or e-commerce solution for you (up to 30 products). The estore makes it easy for customers to buy your products or services right from your website. The estore is included, if you select it as the focus for your website.

How many products can I have in my estore?

Up to 30 are included in our standard membership. If you’d like more, let us know so we can change your monthly membership subscription. Prices are: 31-100: add $20/month; 101-200 add $40/month.

Can you help with email, wifi, etc?

We include 2-free email addreses with your membership. These are very basic and support is largely through Hover, the email provider. If you want something more advanced, we can help you get setup with G Suite (formerly Google Apps) if for full email, and online document and file collaboration.

If you’re looking for Office 365, WiFi, VoIP and other internet-related services, we’ve partnered with Utah Digital Technology Solutions, and can bundle your Fiddler website membership with their other services, to save you plenty over your current services.

What do you need to get started?

For you to:

  1. Sign-up through our simple 4-step process.
  2. Provide access to your domain name registrar.
  3. A high-res file of your logo (preferably in .ai, .eps, or .pdf format).
  4. Written content describing your business, what you do, and why you’re passionate about it (or we can get this off your old website).

We realize many business owners don’t have time to reserve a domain name, and find images and write content they want to use. That’s okay. We’ll jump in and do as much as we can to help you out, and get the website launched as soon as possible. In some cases however, we’ll still need you or your team to write a few paragraphs. But we make this easy, outlining what you need and asking some questions that you can easily answer.

Can any small business become a member?

We’re particular about working with businesses that fit our services well. We’d much rather refer you somewhere else where you’ll be happy, than to force-fit our services. For that reason, if we get started and find out it’s not a great fit on both sides, we’ll let you know, and recommend another path for you.

Still Not Convinced?