Hello my name is Kurt Francom and this is one of hundreds, literally hundreds of videos where I answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to small business websites.

Today’s question is “What is website hosting?”

This is a fantastic question. A lot of people don’t realise that your website needs somewhere to live online. I relate it to an actual house. So the house, the construction the frame, meaning the wood, the bricks of the house is the actual website. The website design, the address on the house, the numbers and where it is located, that is the domain name of the website so people can actually find your website through the website address. And then the hosting is the parcel of land where it lives on the internet. Your website needs somewhere to live. A server somewhere; where when people put in your domain name, it’s going to send them to that server so that it actually pops up. Now there is  a lot of maintenance, I wouldn’t say a lot, but there is some maintenance that goes in to website hosting, to protect that hosting so viruses don’t get into that hosting and infect other people’s computer that come to your website. That’s not very good customer service. Anyway, so you need a server where the website can live so that you don’t have your computer on all day. You need a server where your website can live and that is a host. And for our Fiddler Online clients, we host all of our client’s websites.

So, if you are look for a good host, we’d love to design a website for you and host it for you. If you have a website and are looking for recommendations for good hosting, do not use godaddy, ok. Do not. But there are some variety of other host providers that we would recommend and I would like to recommend the latest and greatest in the hosting world.


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