You did it! You really did it! We welcome you to the Fiddler Online family. I promise you, you won’t regret your decision. We are ready to start your project and get your website launched so your competitors can whine with jealousy at your new website.

Over the next few weeks, Tevya and his minions will be working hard to create a website that will make you proud. You may have questions that arise and we want to make sure you have a pulse on the project and know what to expect and what is expected from you. I am sure you have read the 10 Things You Need to Know About FiddlerStudios, but now that you are a client here are 5 things you need to know:

1. FiddleLAB will make your website soar

Imagine buying a new Tesla and not knowing how to drive a car. The power and thrust of such a vehicle would not be a good training ground. We want to make sure you can handle the power of your new website so that it starts producing new business, or if you aren’t looking for new business from your website, that it is accomplishing what you expect it to accomplish.

FiddleLAB is a workshop Kurt teaches that will walk you through the basics of how a website works and what you need to be doing on a daily basis to see results (don’t worry, it isn’t much).

If you have already attended FiddleLAB then check this off your list. Stay tuned for other trainings that Kurt will let you know about.

2. Unlike your last web developer, we actually respond to your messages

Web guys get a bad rap for quickly landing on the witness protection program. Right when you have a problem with your new website they disappear. Fiddler Online makes it a point to never let that happen. However, we don’t spend all day staring at our inbox waiting for your precious message to arrive. We are pros at time management and one killer of time management is email. We will get to your message but it may not be instantly.

We have an EMAIL UNDERSTANDING that you need to read and become familiar with.

3. Asana is KING

One reason we are so effective in responding to website questions or adjustments is because we have a fantastic project management system called Asana. During the development of your website you will see emails come from Asana. These emails contain questions from our development team and we need you to respond to them just like you would respond to any other email. Asana may try and prompt you to sign up for their free service but this is not required. A simple email reply will get your answer to us.

But seriously, we highly recommend you use Asana as a project management tool in your business and we hope to create some future trainings for those wanting to use Asana more aggressively. It has pretty much decreased our email usage by 80% and has done a whole lot more (but that’s for another time).

UPDATE: We still love and use Asana as the core of communications and work for our team. However, we’ve made it transparent for our clients. We reply on Asana, but you get an email directly from us. So no need to remember how to handle those emails from Asana any longer.

4. You’re family now, so meet your siblings

Most likely, you first interacted with Kurt Francom when you were considering us as your web development team. You probably won’t interact much with Kurt when it comes to the design and development of your website or when you need an adjustment done. You will see Kurt at various trainings and he is always willing to take your phone call if you have a question.

Tevya Washburn is Kurt’s business partner (you can learn more about him HERE), and once you join the family he is in charge. He will be the one emailing you with design questions through Asana. You may also hear from people like Roge and Charry. They work closely with Tevya and will be very helpful in getting your website launched as soon as possible.

5. Give us a chance to communicate

We have every intention to make your relationship with Fiddler Online remarkable and last for the life of your business. However, sometimes there are miscommunications, or uncertainties that cause a client to worry. If this is ever the case, please… PLEASE… give us a call and communicate your feelings. We have found that once these concerns are shared we can usually share additional information that will remind you why you made the best decision to join the Fiddler Online family.

Alright….here we GO!


Kurt Francom is a former partner at WordXpress. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has two kids and a massage therapist wife Alanna (a mechanic never has time to work on his own family cars). Kurt enjoys reading, writing, time-travel movies, attending college football games in the fall, and drawing caricatures.